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Company Info


Modtech Services - Who we are

Modtech Services is involved in the consulting business of Computer Aided Designing and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) since 1992. So far we have provided designing and consultancy services to various national, multinational and private organizations Later on diversified to engineering services-maintenance, spare parts and manpower supply. It has proven its competence during 20 years of progress and development. Modtech is a growing company and has small but energetic team and was founded by engineers for primarily focusing in the following industries: Ports, Textile,  and Processing Industy. Modtech has built its reputation by gaining an in-depth understanding of the technology and challenges facing our clients: anticipating and meeting those needs.

Mission Statement

To achieve Customer Satisfaction by utilizing & continually improving all our work processes through company wide participation of employees. 

Core Values

We are passionate about what we do and it shows. We continually demonstrate the ability to inspire and support our customers through our enthusiasm and dedication.

Core Purpose

Enhance the lives of others


Modtech employees embrace the value of a burning passion for the business, commitment to our clients, suppliers, partners and employees, achievement through teamwork and an everlasting focus on delivering sustainable results.

Sister concern

NZ Technocraft was founded in 1999 focusing on turnkey solutions for Utility Distribution System (Steam, Air & Water)- Design, Fabrication, Erection and Energy Conservation.

 We offer comprehensive solution for:

  • Steam Pipeline Distribution System
  • Condensate Return Pipeline System
  • Thermo Oil Circulation System
  • Process Water (Sweat Water, Boring Water & RO)
  • Pipeline Distribution System
  • Compressed Air Pipeline Distribution System
  • Chemical Pipeline Distribution System
  • Insulation Cladding and Jacketing


Both Modtech Services and NZ Technocraft run under the Flagship of Andrew Agency founded in 1978 focusing on trading Steel, Brass and Copper scrape world wide.




Founded in 1992, Modtech Services is located in Karachi, Pakistan.